Our commitment: only pay for what you need

We don’t like it when companies bundle services we don’t want together with ones we do, then charge a high price for the bundle. Why do we have to pay for all these services we don’t want? Does it leave you feeling a bit ripped-off too?

What about the companies that don’t list prices on their website at all, and insisting that to find out the price you have to call one of their pushy sales people! Horrible.

That’s why, where possible, we list prices for all our services so you can pick what you need and know exactly how much it’s going to cost.

There’s no annoying fixed-term contracts either – just simple month-by-month pricing you can stop whenever you want.

Our best advertising has always been our happy customers. Being up-front about our pricing goes part of the way towards turning customers into enthusiastic fans.

Web Design and Development

Your website is the centre of your on-line marketing and needs to carry out a lot of tasks efficiently; such as providing information about you and your work, directing visitors to places where they can buy your books, or persuading them to sign up to your mailing list. Thankfully, we already have the tools and experience you need to get started and can have a site designed, built and live for you in just a few days.

All websites developed by Enzuworks look as great on mobile phones as they do on a desktop PC. They include an easily-updated blog and are optimised for search engines, helping the Googling masses to beat a path to your door.

We use the open source software WordPress with a few carefully selected plug-ins, and adapt our beautiful, mobile-friendly design templates to create a professional site unique to you and your personality. The contents of the site can be entirely managed by yourself with the easy-to-use WordPress software. However, if you would prefer to avoid all that techy stuff (and who wouldn’t?) and have your site managed for you, we can do that too. See below for pricing.

If your site becomes popular we can also offer advice on making a little extra money with with your site while you sleep, through tasteful and appropriate advertising and affiliate programmes.

New sites start at £550 including 1 year domain, hosting and support Domain name and hosting renewal (must be done once per year after the first year): £80

Website Management

A site that is not being updated on a regular basis is a site that will be ignored and rarely visited. The more content you add that your readers will find interesting and/or useful the more visitors you will get, and the often they will visit the site and recommend it to their friends.

If we manage your site we will:

  • Format and publish blog posts (with images) provided by you.
  • Edit and update site content (supplied by you), leaving you free to do what you do best – write!
  • Search engine optimisation of your blog posts and any other content for key phrases likely to be searched for by your potential readers.
  • Organise content for maximum impact and search engine visibility.
  • Statistics and reporting – we pore over the numbers once a month to find out what your visitors are most interested in, when is the best time to post content and much more on how to attract readers. If you use our social media services we supply reports and recommendations for your social media accounts too.

Statistics tracking setup: £60 (this fee does not apply if we built the site for you as statistics tracking is already included)

**Monthly management: £48 for up to four hours of content editing and management per month (four hours at our standard hourly rate would usually be £175 – a saving of £127 per month!) **

It’s always better if you write your own blog posts in your own voice, but we also understand that you’re busy and sometimes may not have time. We can research and write blog posts on the subject of your choosing for £87.50 per thousand words. These can either be posted as-is, or adapted by you into your own unique voice.

Mailing List Management

A good mailing list is second only to your website as one of the primary tools in your marketing arsenal. Most people will arrive at a website, read whatever they came to read and then leave, never to return. A mailing list allows you to keep in touch with them. When someone signs up to your mailing list, they’re expressing a interest in your work and in hearing more – your mailing list will keep you and your books fresh in people’s minds and allow you to generate excitement and anticipation when you have a new book coming out.

£10 per month for mailing list administration tasks

Email Creation and Sending

In general we advise that it’s always better to use just plain text in emails to your list to avoid people thinking of it as spam. You can either provide the copy for the email yourself or we can write it for you. We recommend no more than 1-2 emails to the mailing list per month.

Copy writing for plain text email – £22

Sending email to mailing list – £10 plus 3p per email recipient

Social Media Management

Social media is a great and inexpensive way to drive visits to your website, as well as keeping you in touch with your readers. It’s rare these days to encounter a successful author who is not making full use of social media to keep in touch with their readers.

Each social network has a different audience and crafting your message to those audiences is a fine art. We’ll discuss with you which social networks would be most appropriate for your work, and the best way to interact with them. We will:

  • Post content regularly that will be of interest to your followers.
  • Respond to messages and questions on your behalf.
  • Supply monthly statistics and reports
  • Find and attract engaged followers with in-house software tools we’ve developed ourselves.

From £2 per day per social network, charged monthly

Editing Services

We do not offer editing services ourselves, but can arrange them for you through our trusted third party editors on request.

Ebook Publishing

We offer a complete ebook publishing package for the self-publishing author. Included in the package are:

  • Personal one-to-one email support and advice on your launch campaign.
  • Book cover design and blurb, finely tuned to draw in readers in your target market.
  • E-book layout, supplied in a file format ready to be uploaded to e-book publishers.
  • Setting up accounts for you with online publishers (e.g. Amazon, iBooks, Smashwords etc) if required.
  • Uploading and managing the publishing process for you if required.
  • Production of advertising graphics, headlines, blurb and other materials for use on websites, social media, print and online advertising
  • We can also manage the process of getting physical copies your book printed, or setting up print-on-demand if required.

complete e-book publishing package starts at £450

Book cover design

Everyone judges a book by its cover. A great cover is what gets someone to pick it up off the shelf to read the blurb on the back – or to click on the title in their Amazon search results to find out more. A well-designed, polished book cover design is vital to getting sales.

We offer cover design to a very high standard, working with you to work out who your target readers are and design a cover dedicated to attracting them.

Cover design starts at £150

Promotional video production

Video production starts at around £200 for a short video (less than five minutes) – for more complex videos (including greenscreen effects, animation etc) we can supply a quote in advance based on your requirements.

Advertising Campaigns

There’s only so much you can do getting potential book buyers to come to you. Sometimes you have to go out and find readers yourself.

With online advertising it’s possible to finely target ads so they are only seen by people who are likely to be interested in what you’re selling. Unlike offline (print) advertising, it’s also possible to fine-tune your advertising campaign in real-time while it’s in progress for the maximum effect.

Making the most of an advertising campaign for the least amount of money spent is a process that requires preparation and constant adjustment.

Quoted price in advance for research, design, preparation and ongoing management of campaign depending on your requirements, plus 12% of advertising spend

Standard Rates For Other Services

Standard hourly rate for services (excluding programming) – £43.75 per hour

Hourly rate for programming services – £58 per hour

If you have any questions about our services or pricing drop an email to Terence at

These prices are correct as of June 2016. All prices are in UK Pounds Sterling. For clients in other countries charges will be converted to your currency at the current exchange rate. Monthly services must be paid for in advance.

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