International, award-winning children’s science author Peter D Riley uses Enzuworks to take science education across the world.

Peter D Riley

The Client

Since his first book “Life Science” was published in 1981 Peter D Riley has written over 200 science books, bringing his sense of wonder and enthusiasm for science to primary, secondary and university students.

Peter initially contacted Enzuworks to build a website to publicise his books, communicate with readers and provide additional materials to use in teaching.

More recently he also asked us to manage his social media accounts.

Website and Blog

To create the site we used WordPress so the site and its blog would be easy for anyone to update. We then built templates designed to be both mobile and search engine friendly – vital today as mobile rapidly overtakes desktop computers as the way people access the web. We optimised the site to be quick to load even on older browsers and devices.

Analytics was added to the site so we could gain insight into what visitors were most interested in seeing. We feed our discoveries back to Peter in reports so he can write blog posts his audience want to see, it even helps hime make decisions about things to include in his books.

As Peter is very busy with his writing, we update the site and blog for him. To post something, all Peter needs to do is send us a Word document with any pictures he wants to include. We edit the text to optimise for search engines, add links to related content on the site and track down images when Peter can’t provide them. Using our analytics knowledge we send it live when it’s likely to get the most impact.

When the post is live we publicise it on his social media accounts – writing short, snappy copy that gets followers interested and clicking. We track the effectiveness of this too, over time improving our knowledge of the images and wording that get the best response.

The site is still being constantly improved as we gain insight into the users and what they’re interested in.

Social Media

In March 2015 Mr Riley asked us to manage his social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, as he was not familiar with social media and did not know how to get the most out of it. For example: his Twitter account which had been created six months earlier, still only had 12 followers, three of which were Enzuworks and his publishers.

Some less reputable companies would sell several thousand followers to a client and call it a day. However, this is a complete waste of money as all those followers will be automated bots who are not at all interested in what’s being posted – will never even read it. Bots don’t buy books!

We took over the social media accounts and now use our own in-house developed software to manage them, organically finding and growing a list of followers who are interested in Peter’s particular niche. In the three months (at time of writing this) that we’ve been managing his social media we’ve grown the number of followers to over 130 Primary and Secondary school science teachers, a number that’s increasing all the time.

Skype Classroom

The Skype Classroom

Our work with Twitter paid off when Peter was asked by an Elementary school teacher in Ohio if he would talk to her class over Skype and answer some questions from the students. Peter had never used Skype before, so we helped him get up and running – visiting his home, installing the software and showing him how to make and answer video calls.

The Skype Classroom was a great success, increasing his audience. More Skype Classrooms are planned with schools in various countries, bringing closer Peter’s goal of taking science education across the world!

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